Prague Train Stations

The Prague underground stations surprised this traveler with a common theme employed in their construction. The first impression is one of a blocky, soviet-style architecture and of course the inclination is to dismiss this as a somewhat inelegant, blocky, perhaps overdone, building style given the minimalist modes and elegant lines of modern construction. Looking more closely at the architecture, you realise this presumption is both ill-considered and, dare I admit, uncouth! Continue reading “Prague Train Stations”

West of the Vltava River, Prague

The busy Vltava River around the Charles Bridge and castle precinct.
The busy Vltava River around the Charles Bridge and castle precinct.

West of the Vltava River is the Castle precinct of Prague. It is quite different than the east side, which is mostly flat compared with the hilly terrain upon which the castle is built, as well as its environs. The city has continued to take advantage of its geography, with parks adorning the hills offering both splendid views of the medieval city centre as well as places to relax and spend quality time with friends and family. The castle precinct also holds St Vitus Cathedral, some images of which can be seen here. Continue reading “West of the Vltava River, Prague”

Prague Bicycles

Prague Views

Vltava River, Dawn

A collection of images of the people and sites of Prague, Czech Republic. Prague is built around the River Vltava. On the east side of the river is the old town, with town squares and narrow streets typical of medieval towns in Europe. On the west side, lies the castle precinct, with its protective and forbidding construction and centrepiece, the St Vitus Cathedral. Continue reading “Prague Views”