Ancient Dialogues

Following on from a successful exhibition at Albumen Gallery, Ancient Dialogues presents and juxtaposes images of ancient Greek sculpture with modern figure studies, drawing on this well-spring of artistic inspiration, exploring notions of love and eroticism. The first print run is 25 copies only.

Photographs: William Stewart
2019, 42pp, 44 images
Softcover, Matte paper
First edition: 25 copies
ISBN: 978-0-9858544-6-1

Price: $20.00 (USD) + $6 (postage and packaging)

Images from this book are available as prints, either singly or as featured pairs. Please enquire for details.

Abandoned: Oppède Le Vieux

The villages in France, and more generally in Europe have been in existence for many hundreds of years. In that time they accumulate stories, tales of adventure, of love, of woe, and of those that lie in ruins. In some, a natural cause might obscure a darker history, haunted by the memories of fallen lives amidst the wars of men. William Stewart’s book takes us on a journey through one such abandoned village, Oppède Le Vieux in Provence. Continue reading “Abandoned: Oppède Le Vieux”

Ceci n’est pas un cappuccino

This book (This is not a cappuccino) takes us on a journey through the world of the coffee with foamed milk. Common misunderstandings are clarified, popular myths are debunked and challenging questions are raised. Indulging in the pleasure of a cappuccino, we don’t sufficiently appreciate what a complex brew it truly is, but help is at hand with this enjoyable A–Z. This light hearted yet thought provoking essay of pictures and words touches on the history, geography, economy and even politics that have contributed to our favourite brew. Continue reading “Ceci n’est pas un cappuccino”

A Fortunate Land: The Norse in Greenland

Intrigued by the landscape and the Norse settlement of Greenland, I followed in their footsteps exploring the Eastern Settlement area, the nexus of their presence here. Experiencing that landscape goes hand in hand with discovering traces of their settlements, of a history gone and almost forgotten. The remoteness of Greenland, with its harsh climate and sometimes desolate landscapes, vividly contrasts with the greater significance, centrality and reach of the Vikings in European history. Featuring an essay, “The Norse In Greenland”, from renowned climate scientist, Astrid E.J. Ogilvie. Continue reading “A Fortunate Land: The Norse in Greenland”