Abandoned: Oppède Le Vieux

The villages in France, and more generally in Europe have been in existence for many hundreds of years. In that time they accumulate stories, tales of adventure, of love, of woe, and of those that lie in ruins. In some, a natural cause might obscure a darker history, haunted by the memories of fallen lives amidst the wars of men. William Stewart’s book takes us on a journey through one such abandoned village, Oppède Le Vieux in Provence.

Photographs: William Stewart
English Text: William Stewart
2018, 60pp, 43 images

The book is available in two editions.

A limited hardcover edition of 5 copies only, signed and bespoke printed on premium quality paper by Whitewall (UK).

Price: $60 (USD) + $7 (postage and packaging)

A softcover version is available for direct purchase with Blurb (check to see if they have a discount on offer).

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