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All images are shot with Leica M cameras unless otherwise noted.

All images and writings presented on this site are the work of William Stewart. All rights are reserved and copyright is held.

Photo by Shueh-li Ong


Europe 2013

York, North EnglandSeptember 2013

Scotland, 2013September 2013

Venice PostsOctober 2013

Verona, Northern ItalyOctober 2013

Ravenna PostsOctober 2013

Vienna, SalzburgOctober 2013

PragueOctober 2013

BudapestOctober 2013

CologneNovember 2013

AmsterdamNovember 2013

Paris and a Glimpse of NormandyNovember 2013

Provence, Part 1November 2013

Provence, Côte d’AzurNovember 2013

General Topics

New eBook: Oppède10 April 2014

Coffee!July 2014

Coast to Coast Walk, Part 1August 2014

Coast to Coast Walk, Part 2August 2014

Calendar 2015

Albumen Gallery

New eBook: Flowers11 January 2015

eBooks Galore!27 January 2015

Special Offer3 February 2015

At the Printer23 September 2015

Trees, the Book14 November 2015

Trees, the Exhibition18 November 2015

Bikes – Calendar 20168 December 2015

Stairways – Calendar 2017November 2016

Greenland BookFebruary 2017

About This Site

The site’s home page presents all posts by date with the most recent first. You can continue to scroll down to see older posts. Tapping (clicking) on an image will bring up a viewer that allows you to scroll through the posts. This viewer can be used throughout the site to see the largest viewable image, and to scroll through the images currently on display. The Read or View and text links below the images can be used to go to that post.

The Site has different categories of posts, as shown in the menu bar. When you select a category you will see all the posts, most recent first, in that category.


The Folio section displays work that is for sale, and showcases work that falls more into the realm of a photographic portfolio, books and other items and so forth.

Any image on the site can be purchased, if it is not available you can request it. If an image is sold, it will be added to the Folio items, so this becomes a record of printed images. The Folio section has details on pricing, limited editions and availability.


The Gallery is used to exhibit single images, images that are unique in themselves, that for one reason or another are best just standing on their own.


We all know about doing essays in school, but beyond that it is a venerable form of writing that has seen many great writers embrace it as a form for communicating ideas and thoughts about a particular subject. It encourages a succinct summation of those observations on the subject at hand, and provocative at its best. Many essays also contain photographs as a visual adjunct that contributes to the telling of the story.


A collection of two or more images on a particular subject is a pictorial. It is an imagery essay, without words the subject matter can be explored with a different ambience and emotion, yet in their way can be as provocative, as concise, as the best of essays. Pictorials can be diptychs, triptychs or comprised of many images.


The All page provides an archive, ordered by date, of all posts of the web site. The posts displayed can be filtered to match certain criteria, such as all posts with a “Travel” theme, that also contain “Black and White” or “Cityscape” tagged content, in “2012”. The added filters will appear along the top of the display area, and as filters are added, the display of posts is updated to match the current list of filters. A given filter can be removed from the filter bar, or it can be cleared entirely.


Both Pictorials and Essays can be thought of as focussed on a particular theme or subject area, such as “Travel” writings, “Historical” subjects, “Portraits” of a person, etc. The themes in use will grow and expand to accommodate the various subjects covered.


Tags are used to identify major characteristics of the content of a post, so “Landscape” or “Black and White” photographs, and so forth. As with themes, the tags used will grow to accommodate the various characteristics that the posts cover.